Friday, April 18, 2014

Wedding Cake 1: Melissa and Chey

I ended up involved in a lot of weddings last summer, and I ended up doing cake in some form for three of them.  Melissa's wasn't the first one I volunteered for but it did end up being the first wedding I did, which experience.  Several hundred people, three hours away, in a two-door Honda Civic.  No sweat.  After Melissa agreed to the rules (1. No fondant; 2. I don't have to feed everyone with one cake) I made some cupcakes, we picked out some flavors, I did some very bad math and things were rolling.

(The delightful real-life consequences of the Cupcake Permutation Chart, which is a real thing that totally works.)

As it turns out, you need a lot of cake to feed several hundred people.  A fridge full of cake, in fact.

We ended up with six half-sheet cakes (vanilla and chocolate, with vanilla or chocolate frosting) and two tiers for the show cake.  This is what I refer to as "a fuck-ton of cake."  Just in case I use that term again later.

I don't actually remember how I fit all this AND another person in my car.

Despite an impending storm of Biblical proportions, a little road flooding, some minor highway construction, and doing it all in a dress, all cake ended up where it needed to be, I got the show cake stacked up and piped with no issues, and then we set the whole thing on fire because it was the groom's birthday and these people do things right.

(Chocolate on top, vanilla on the bottom, vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream all around.  Can't argue with the classics.)

Photo by Kyle and Jennifer Stevenson of Stevenson Photo

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