Saturday, February 28, 2015

Five months' worth of cake!

Since September I've gotten a new job and made a lot of cake. Some of it was photographed and some of it wasn't, because I need to get better about that. New job and lots more coworkers means I'm making more birthday cakes--not a bad thing at all. I'm looking for an occasion to use my new 4-inch cake pans, by the way, so if anyone needs the world's tiniest cake...?

A quick retrospective:

August: Scott's birthday cake! Vanilla cake, bourbon vanilla frosting and Whoppers. Photos by his lovely wife Cait (you all remember Cait, right?)

October: Jenna and Zach's wedding cake! Layers included s'mores (graham cake, marshmallow and chocolate ganache filling), sweet potato and ginger with marshmallow filling, and salted caramel. 

December: My coworker Dolores' birthday cake. She, like most of my new coworkers, loves Reeses Cups, so this is a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, vanilla frosting and teeeeeny tiny peanut butter cups on top of more peanut butter dollops on top. She took these pictures and then we demolished the cake for breakfast.

And at the end of January I made the prettiest cake ever and I TOOK NO PICTURES. It was for my coworker Katheran's Golden Birthday, also known as a champagne birthday or star birthday (31 on the 31st, in her case). With that in mind, I made her a three-layer champagne cake with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting, studded with gold sugar pearls and little edible gold stars on top. Why I failed to take a picture of this, I will never know. Trust me, it was pretty--and pretty tasty, as long as you weren't a five-year-old. They weren't crazy about the champagne taste. (Maybe someday, little ones.)