Saturday, April 19, 2014

The first birthday cake of 2014

...did not happen until March.  Need to line up some more late winter birthdays around here.

Dad requested "a chocolate layer cake, with maybe some coconut.  And can it look unusual?"

Of course, Dad.

(Chocolate cake with coconut cream filling, chocolate frosting, and Trader Joe's roasted coconut chips, which are delicious.)

Bake two square chocolate cake layers.  Stack them and cut off the corners.  Snack on said corners while making coconut cream filling.  Fill and frost, then go entirely overboard with the roasted coconut flakes.  Find a cake-themed card.  Eat the cake.  Help parents disassemble the rest of the cake and wrap and freeze all the pieces individually for later consumption.  I think it lasted the better part of a month, which shows remarkable self-control on their part.  Props, parents!

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